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Actions - Forestfire I

The campaign inspires in an attractive way the recipients to responsible behaviour in the forest and its surroundings. The project intends a wide array of informative-educational actions.

The media campaign involves:

  • Production and emission of radio and TV spots at regional broadcasting,
  • Production and publication of informative-educational articles and advertisement in local press,
  • Production and emission of two 26-minute educational films
  • Production and emission of a 52-minute fictionalized documentary
  • Production of advertising material for the campaign's target groups,
  • Launch of the project's website.

The following educational activities are planned:

  • Preparation and propagation of educational programs,
  • Organization of seminars for trainers (teachers, firemen from Volunteer fire brigades) who afterwards will forward the gained knowledge to local communities,
  • Preparation of knowledge olympics and competitions for school children,
  • Elaboration and propagation of informative-educational materials for various recipient groups,
  • Preparation and propagation of educational-informative brochures for teachers, firemen and priests.