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Forest fires cause enormous ecological and financial losses as well as danger for the life and health of close inhabitants or people using it for recreation. Every year thousands of Polish forests are burning. To raise the consciousness of Poles in forest fire prevention, foresters from the Polish State Forests Holding prepared two editions of an informative-educational campaign co-financed with the means of the European Union under the Financial Instrument LIFE+ and the National Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management:


Forest fire „Forest fire and nature – raising consciousness in the field of fire prevention among inhabitants of rural areas" 


Forest fire II "Forest fire and nature II - 2nd stage of the informative campaign on forest fire risk".


The scope of the 1st stage of the campaign will cover the following voivodships: Masovian, Podlaskie, Warmian-Masurian and Kuyavian-Pomeranian whereas the 2nd stage will reach the Silesian, Świętokrzyskie, Małopolska, Subcarpathian, Lublin and Łódź voivodships.


The main goal of the campaign is raising the awarenesss of Poles of the significance of Polish forests for the whole society as well as the absolute necessity to protect them against the threat posed by fires.


The main goal of the campaign is raising awarenessin the area of forest fire prevention among inhabitants of rural areas in close proximity to forests, owners of small farms, school youth and people using forests for recreation by:


·        Raising awareness on the topic of diversity of biological loss caused by fires, presenting the fire's impact on the habitat's and wild species' lives, especially those under protection by referring to the recipients' value system.
·         Forming of individual attitudes, habits and behaviour
·        Shaping the knowledge on the most common reasons and circumstances of fire occurrence.
          The project's goal is also reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
Expected results:
·         reduction of forest fire threat,
·         raising the public's awareness on threats posed by forest fires,
·         education of youth,
·         preparing teachers to educate students after the project's completion,
·         use of the campaign's materials for several years after the project's completion.