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Bearing in mind the assurance of the highest possible durability of the performed tasks, the formula of "trainer's training" has been introduced. Direct training tasks will be aimed at groups and people with the greatest potential to pass on the knowledge of forest fire prevention:


1. Teachers. They give lessons within the scope of the school program on topics associated with protection of nature and environment. This group is quite motivated to make the topic of the Project the subject of their lessons. A crucial problem is the lack of appropriate educational materials, interesting for the students. Due to that, the training participants will be equipped with educational brochures.


2. Firemen of volunteer fire brigades. Firemen have the greatest knowledge of the causes and consequences of forest fires as well as of the occurring risk for human life. Usually these fire brigades are part of local communities, with a good mutual relation.


3. Priests. This is one of the most influential groups among the local community. These are often young, vigorous people, eager to work and committed to local life. Their authority can affect the everyday life of rural communities.