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Fire!!! – what to do?

First of all, don’t lose your head!!! Look around and warn other people in the threatened area. Alarm the firebrigade immediately calling 998 or 112. After reaching the officer on duty, report him calm and clearly the following:

1.    your first and last name and the phone number you are using.
2.    the possibly precise localisation of the place of fire (e.g. „at the road from Wilkowyje to Gródek, about one kilometer from the village Grabina, at the right side of the road in the direction to Gródek, about 100m inside the forest”). Having the opportunity, report the given GPS position.
3.    what is burning (is it a fire of the forest litter or whether the fire has reached the top of the trees, is it a young or old treestand, broadleaved or coniferous), estimate roughly if possible the area of the fire (e.g. “the forest litter in an old coniferous treestand is burning, on an area of a volleyball pitch”).
4.    are people or buildings threatened (e.g. „there is no threat to people or property”)
5.    after reporting do not ring off until the record of your report has been confirmed.

The officer may request the following:
1.    Confirmation of the report by return call.
2.    Additional information by return call.

Do not forget:
1.    When alarming the fire brigade, speak slowly and clearly, as the natural need to alarm as quickly as a wink actually DELAYS the forwarding of the information, as it becomes incomrehensible and imprecise.
2.    Answer calm and precisely the questions of the officer on duty – this is an experienced professional who decides on the basis of the given information what service forces should be send.